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Media Events Diary

Below are just some of the world-wide newspapers and websites who have featured Clive’s Watermelon and Pumpkin Carvings in the past, not to mention all the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other SM Sites who frequently post images of his works!




CBC Radio Interview with Stephen Quinn:

CTV Interview with Host, Mary Cranston

Vancouver is Awesome “Tricks of the Trade” with video reporter, Thor Diakow:

CBC News Website:

CBC posted article on Reddit, Yahoo News, INews Report Network, and

various social media sites 

CKNW Radio (Global News family) on the Mike Smyth Show


Clive carved a variety of pumpkins for some “private clients”. Also, some great watermelon carvings, which were posted on Social Media sites. With Covid, carving was kept to a minimum in 2020.


Vancouver is Awesome and Clive did several carvings for local clients and also a variety of interviews for local newspapers, as well as watermelon carvings for Social Media posts:


The Food Network, Halloween Wars: Season 8

Clive appeared on Halloween Wars in 2018, lasting 3 rounds with his team “Grave Expectations” before being beat out by some great competitors!

Apart from Clive’s TV and radio appearances, his carvings have also been featured in Ripley’s and hundreds of newspapers and websites around the world.