Metrotown Monster Pumpkin Carving

Clive did his thing at Metrotown Mall today with fellow carvers Bruce Waugh, Craig Mutch, David Billings, Fred Dobbs and other professional carvers.  Being fairly new to the game, this is the first time he has ever carved such a large pumpkin (about 160lbs) and in such a short time.  This event was aired on CTV News late this evening, and imagine there’s more footage yet to come – in time for Halloween, as there were plenty of news cameras focused on the carvers. Stay tuned!

There seems to be a lot of media web activity surrounding this event as well. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

CTV BC News:


Vancouver Sun:

Sandemon’s on Facebook:

The Province:

And, in China, Xinhau News Agency:

Metrotown Monster Pumpkin Contest
Metrotown Carvers -Bruce Waugh, Clive Cooper and David Billings